Jan 3

Let’s get the third sector to embrace plenty of these goodies in 2013


Dead drops: disconnecting us to make us to reconnect? Awesome project. And our local cemented USB is just around the corner in Shoreditch…tempting…

deaddrops.com for a closer look (and a handy map to find out where your nearest wallstick lives)

Here’s another big data infographic, but this time including words like “quintillion”.

This one comes from the tech folk at clearCi. They’re mind-boggling numbers, for sure - and it gets us just a little bit excited.

Concentrating hard.

Concentrating hard.

Great design and a lovely message - ain’t all about doom and gloom. Hope it makes you cheerful too!

The Retailer’s Guide to Big Data

Would be great to see some of this knowledge making itself useful in the third sector :)

Aug 9

Dynamic Olympic photography creates stunning images

London 2012 really has been a great opportunity to showcase some new and old ideas in the photographic world; each telling stories and bringing the action and emotion to us in our little digital bubble on Old Street.

We love what you can do with a resourceful photographer, an iPhone 4s, some great lenses (which you can buy from our favourite camera store Photojojo) and a pair of binoculars: http://bit.ly/S2bIDy

Something for fans of Skynet / Robot Wars with deep pockets and a passion for full-frame digital delight: amazing multi-exposure work and photos we’ve never been able to capture from Games before, plus insight into the hardware they used and the lengths Reuters went to in order to capture some really beautiful shots: http://reut.rs/M6JczD. And here you can see some of the amazing work from them too: http://bit.ly/M3Vfki

Finally, have a look at this selection of images from Jay Clendenin, who used a 100 year old lens and gloriously old-school camera to photograph some of the USA’s athletes before the Games. Alongside some EOS 5D digital counterparts, these couplings make for a striking contrast: http://bit.ly/OAHmaO